6 Months Free Cover

Or 50% of 1 Year CASH back.

6 months free
Choose 6 Months Free Cover or Cash-back.

When you choose Royal London Life Insurance or Mortgage Protection and you choose our 50% cash-back price that you receive in our call – You can get 6 months free Cover or the equivelant in cash back. You will receive cash back after your 6th monthly payment.

If your policy premium is €100 Per Month you can choose to either have your first 6 months free, or €600 cash-back after your 6th monthly payment. This would make your policy effectively €50 Per Month instead of €100. Of course, your premium will still be €100 p/m but you’ll get 6 months back.

This can be discussed on our call.

If you wish to choose either of these options – Inform one of our advisors on the scheduled phone call.

If you choose the 6 months free or cash back option, You will still receive a €30 One4All Voucher & Free Will Starter Kit if your policy is over €30 per month.

If you choose 6 months free, your 6 months premiums is refunded to your account when you’ve made your 6th monthly payment. This offer ONLY applies to the first year of the policy.

Example: Tom’s premium is €50p/m. He’s made 5 payments so far. Tom will be refunded €300 after his next successful monthly payment.

This offer applies to policies that include ALL of the following terms:

  1. Life Insurance & Mortgage Protection from Royal London
  2. Minimum Term 10 years

Example Pricing

CashBack price

6 Months Free or 50% Cash Back
42.52 Per Month
  • Effectively paying €21.25 Per Month for the first year only.
  • Choose Cash Back of €255.15 after 6 months or First 6 Months Free.
  • Minimum Term 10 Years
  • Free €30 One4All On Policies Over €30 P/M
  • Free Will Kit On Policies Over €30 P/M
  • Royal London Life & Mortgage Only

Discounted Price

1 Month Free
35.71 Per Month (Fixed permanently)
  • Lowest premium on the market
  • One Month Free Cover
  • Free €30 One4All On Policies Over €30 P/M
  • Free Will Kit On Policies Over €30 P/M
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We would like to assure our customers that although this Worldwide Pandemic has struck our Nation hard, we are still here for our new and existing customers. All phone calls and emails will be dealt with accordingly.

In the unfortunate circumstance that a customer contracts COVID-19 and dies, our life policies would pay out in line with our usual claims philosophy.

All Consultations will be held by Phone or Online via Computer/Smart Device to remove face-to-face interactions and keeping in line with social distancing guidelines recommended by the Government.

We at Lowquotes.ie hope you, your family and your loved ones stay safe & healthy in this time.