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My life cover protection was so easy the way Fiona took me through the process and I thanks her now I am fully cover for my family.I will highly recommend anyone to LowQoutes and for any assistance.Thank you Fiona Robinson
kelvin A.
kelvin A.
Highly recommend speaking to Richie if you are looking for mortgage protection. Myself and my wife were delighted with the service from Richie, so efficient and easy to deal with! 10/10
Gary W.
Gary W.
Richie was so professional but friendly and helped me through my application and was super helpful. I would have no hesitation in recommending lowquotes to friends and family
Sinead M.
Sinead M.
Easy to choseEasy to navigateQuote very fast
Cherry Berry B.
Cherry Berry B.
Amazing Service!!! Colin was knowledgeable, helpful and an absolute pleasure to deal with. He explained the polices available and listened to what i needed. Highly recommend.
Rachel M.
Rachel M.
The process of setting up an insurance policy in this website is very easy to understand and user friendly. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family.
John Paulo E.
John Paulo E.
Very friendly and professional agent. Covered all my questions and gave all answers with best quote for my needs
Manuel B.
Manuel B.
Excellent service .. dealt with Joe who was so helpful & explained in detail everything we needed to know.. very professional. Would highly recommend. Thanks again Joe 😊 Karina & Damien
Mia S.
Mia S.
We were dealing with Amanda Buckley. From the first moment Amanda has been extremely hepful, professional and efficient. Her kind and positive attitude just made the whole process easier and smooth. I would definitely work with her again and 100% recommend her everyone who's looking for a great financial advisor.
Edina N.
Edina N.
Very good site for getting numerous quotes
Ronan G.
Ronan G.
What a great team.. had a great time and much informative advise from Joe O Shaughnessy, who took me through the whole stages and gave me the best advise
Gcinangaye G.
Gcinangaye G.
I highly recommend if you are thinking of switching mortgage. Amanda handled our request and was very helpful and patient with us throughout the whole process.She took the stress out of switching and was proactive in tracking of all the outstanding documents that were needed.Amanda's calm and friendly personality took the pressure and frustration out of the switching. Thank you for your excellent service!
Adrian R.
Adrian R.
Great help and lovely helpful people
James B.
James B.
Very good Web site. Quick and easy to navigate. Give you all options for your quote. And even they call you back to help what options are the best for you.
Elena M.
Elena M.
Really efficient and quick switch process - Niall was super helpful and I saved money too!
Lianne C.
Lianne C.
Thank you very much Collin for helping me out to find the right mortgage protection very quickly. I was very stressful about finding the right insurance as I already talked to few companies, but Collin made it super easy for me and my husband. Highly recommended. Outstanding customer service.
Aneena N.
Aneena N.
Alan was extremely helpful, well recommend low quotes.

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Life Insurance

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  • Serious Illness Option available that pays out on diagnosis

  • Can be index linked to keep up with inflation

  • Cover available from €2.30 per week

  • Covered up to the age of 91

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Life Insurance Information

Life Insurance is a secure investment for your family. Or simply to cover your funeral expenses. We compare every provider in Ireland in minutes.

You insure all the important things in your life. Such as your home, your car and your business, so why not insure your life and protect your family financially if you were to pass away?

Fill in some quick details for an online quote comparison, or speak to one of our Qualified Financial Advisors for more information.

  • Level Term Life Insurance provides a tax free lump sum payment to your family in the event of your death. This is the most popular form of life cover.
    Level Term Cover provides a fixed benefit & premium over a specified term. The cost and sum remain the same for the term of the policy.
    If there is no pay out during the term, the policy ceases.  Although there is no cash-in value and only pays out on death of the individual during the term.. It provides peace of mind to you and your family that you are both financially safe during your term. (Max age 91)
    With this policy, you can guarantee your loved ones receive the selected sum when you die. This will help to maintain their current standard of living, should the worst ever happen.
  • Like Level Term, this provides a tax free lump sum payment to your family in the event of your death. The benefit and premium will still remain the same throughout the chosen term of cover.
    A convertible option allows you to continue your policy after your term ends, for another specified term. Or to change it to a Whole of Life policy, both without having to provide further medical evidence from your GP.
    This is very advantageous, if your health deteriorated over the initial term. Because the availability of continued cover is still guaranteed. Convertible term’s cost compared with Level Term is very little for what it provides. (about 5-10%) depending on Age and Smoking status.
An insurance plan that lasts for the policy holders lifetime, and is not limited to a specific term. When you die, the policy provides a lump-sum payment to your family / dependents. It could also provide money to cover your funeral expenses. Your policy will also pay out immediately if you get diagnosed with a Terminal Illness.
This policy costs considerably more than Term Life Insurance. Even with convertible option applied to the Term Life Policy.

Decreasing Term Life Insurance is another name for “Mortgage Protection”. Where the cover amount decreases inline with the amount owed on the Mortgage loan, until it reaches 0. It would always be our advice to take out a “Term Life Insurance” policy instead, as when the Mortgage Loan is paid off.. The life cover remains and pays out to your family in the event of your death.

Serious Illness Cover

Life insurance doesn’t pay out on diagnosis of a Serious Illness. Unless you add a specified additional cover amount for Serious Illness Cover. This will result in a higher monthly premium.
When adding Serious Illness Cover, you have two options:
  • Accelerated Serious Illness: On diagnosis of a specified serious illness, the selected Illness cover amount gets paid. If you subsequently die during the term of the policy, the remainder pays out.
Example: If you selected €150,000 Life Cover and €100,000 Serious Illness Cover.. On diagnosis of a Specified Serious Illness – €100,000 pays out on diagnosis, €50,000 paid on death. 
  • Standalone Serious Illness: You choose a Life Cover amount and a Serious Illness Cover amount. On diagnosis of a Specified Serious Illness.. the selected Illness cover amount will get paid out. If you then die during the term of the policy – your full Life Cover amount would also get paid out.
Call us if you require Serious Illness Cover on your policy.

Life Insurance Indexation

Both your benefit and premium will increase annually at a set percentage. This is to protect against the negative impact of inflation on your cover amount. Call us if you require indexation on your policy.


  • Advance Funeral Payment: For claims that get accepted but delayed due to probate. Royal London and Zurich will pay up to €10,000 to cover funeral expenses.

  • Guaranteed Insurability: You may wish to increase your cover. This can be up to 50% of the original benefit or €100,000 without underwriting. After certain life events such as getting married or having a baby.
  • Helping Hand Service: A Royal London only service. It supports families through difficult family circumstances. Such as: Serious illness. Chronic health conditions. Disabilities and Grievance by providing bereavement counsellors. Speech and language therapists. Second medical opinions. Therapy, massage and physiotherapy for Serious health issues.
  • Aviva Family Care: Short term counselling and carer support covering any family member over 18. It helps with: Mental wellness issues. Relationsip breakdowns. Work related stress or the challenges of becoming a carer.
  • Aviva Best Doctors: A network of over 50,000 medical specialists at your disposal. If you ever need a second medical opinion to help verify your diagnosis or treatment options. This can reduce the risk of any complications that arise from a misdiagnosis. This isn’t only for life threatening illnesses. You can get advice for any chronic or troubling ailments that affect your quality of life. Even if the condition was diagnosed before you took out your Aviva policy.

Extra Cover Options

  • Children’s Life Insurance: A lump sum benefit paid out on the passing of a child.
  • Accidental Death: Pays out even if your selected insurer is processing your application. Where the cause of death is an accident.
  • Terminal Illness Cover: If you get diagnosed with a terminal illness, your cover amount will be paid out immediately.

Royal London’s Helping Hand gives you one to one Personal Support from Royal London.

This free extra includes:

  • Providing bereavement counsellors, speech therapists, face to face medical opinions, therapies, massages, physiotherapy for serious health issues
  • Cardiac rehabilitation support
  • Support for coping with cancer
  • Family support for the loss of a loved one

Aviva Best Doctors is a second medical opinion is also available from Aviva for your Income Protection. This free extra includes:

  • A comprehensive professional review of your diagnosis/injury/treatment without you having to leave home.
  • Access to information from highly qualified specialists.
  • A personal Best Doctors Nurse care manager – Who will collate information about your condition to specialists, and inform you of any updates.

Single Life Cover

Only one person covered by the policy. If the individual dies within the term of the policy.. The cover amount gets paid to the policy holders estate or lender (Whichever selected).

Dual Life Cover

Both people covered equally under this policy. Dual Life Cover is a popular choice as it comes at no extra cost compared to Joint Cover. It pays out on both the first death and second death. Doubling the cover amount selected.

Joint Life Cover

Two people covered under a single policy. Joint Life Cover only pays out on one death.
Example: “Joint Life, First death” will pay out when the first named life dies. Nothing paid when the second person dies. If you currently have a joint cover policy, we strongly suggest you to review your Life Insurance.
It is important to note that most providers of Life insurance cover children for free up to a certain amount.
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In the unfortunate circumstance that a customer contracts COVID-19 and dies, our life policies would pay out in line with our usual claims philosophy.

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