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Transferring your benefits to a Personal Retirement Bond

If you transfer your pension to a PRB, your old benefits will be moved to a pension plan controlled by you.

These benefits can be taken from the age of 50.

Personal Retirement Bond Features

How a PRB works

  • Your transfer value sum is transferred from your pension
  • The money is invested in a fund chosen by you or in the default fund
  • No new contributions can be made
  • The value will rise or fall depending on performance
  • At retirement you can take your benefits. This can be age 50.

Options for your PRB

  • Transfer the value of your PRB into a new companies pension plan
  • From the age of 50 you can take early retirement benefits from your PRB. The earlier you take your benefits - the lower your annual retirement income or lump sum will be.
  • Transfer to another PRB from a different provider

Draw Down Your Pension

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