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Occupation Classes

  • Class 1) Professional, managerial occupations, administration, clerical, involving no manual work. (E.g. Doctor, Accountant, Lecturer, IT Consultant)
  • Class 2) Occupations involving occasional manual work (Building Foreman, Chef, Store Keeper, Physiotherapist)
  • Class 3) Skilled non-manual and manual occupations (E.g. Electrician, Nurse, Care Assistant, Van Driver)
  • Class 4) Partly skilled and unskilled manual occupations (E.g. Carpenter, Plumber, Blocklayer, Shop Fitter)

Types of Cover

  • Guaranteed means that premiums will not be reviewed during its term.
  • Reviewable means that the provider reserves the right to review your premium.
  • Personal is for Employees only.
  • Executive is for Self-Employed people only.

Key Benefits

  • Cover up to 75% your annual salary.
  • Optional deferred periods of 4, 8, 13, 26 & 52 weeks.
  • Your policy can be index linked (Keep up with inflation).
  • Covered up to your retirement (Usually 65).
  • Eligible for income tax relief at your marginal rate of tax.
  • Increasable cover without underwriting.
  • Applications can be completed digitally with online signatures or by post.

Why Choose Us?

  • We compare every provider in Ireland.
  • Zero Broker Fees.
  • Zero Additional Commission.
  • Free €30 One4All Voucher
  • Free Will Starter Kit worth €120.
  • Guaranteed Lowest Premium in Ireland.
  • Price Promised & Protected.

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