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With so many Pension options on the Irish market today, it can be frustrating trying to choose the right option for you. We can help you through this vital life decision. Whether you are starting your first pension, wish to top-up your current pension or transferring an existing pension plan, we have many options available to choose from.

Navigating pensions can seem complex, yet they offer a tax-friendly avenue for long-term investment. Through our discovery consultation, we provide quotes and facilitate one-on-one discussions with your dedicated financial advisor. 

Private pensions in Ireland encompass various types, including occupational pension schemes offered by employers, personal pension plans initiated by individuals, and self-employed pension arrangements tailored to meet specific retirement needs.

Transfer your pension to avail of reduced fees & charges, better plan options, additional flexibility and higher tax-free cash amounts, or if you are changing employment. Our expert pension advisors are always available to assist you with your query.

Our Financial Advisors will review your current Pension by comparing it against the entire Irish market to ensure is on track to meet your retirement goals. If it isn’t meeting your goals, we will recommend a suitable course of action to ensure you meet your goals upon retirement.

Annuities, Personal Retirement Savings Accounts & tax-free lump sum explained. Prepare yourself for retirement with assistance from our  Pension Advisors.

Your current health may make it impossible for you to continue working. Learn how you can access your Pension early by clicking below.

Pension tracing helps individuals in locating any lost or forgotten pension funds, consolidate their retirement savings and make informed financial decisions. 

You can Top-up your Pension using Additional Voluntary Contributions. These are extra contributions you can make in addition to your existing pension.

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Pension Calculator

Pension Calculator

Our Irish Pension Calculator can help you properly plan for retirement and will show you how much you need to put away for later in life.
We also provide a Pension Inheritance Tax Calculator, which will calculate what your pension contribution will cost after tax relief.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A pension plan is a longterm investment savings plan that helps you put something aside for your retirement. A pension plan enables you to pay regular tax-friendly installments or move one-off lump sums into a fund available to you on retirement. The amounts saved into your pension are called ‘contributions’

We’re living longer than previous generations. Upon retirement, on average we will have 20-30 years of retirement. A pension plan will make sure you’re financially sound for these years. Whether you wish to travel, retire to the country, or spend time with your children & grandchildren.

As soon as possible. The money that you pay into your pension grows over time. It’s quite simply Time x Money. The sooner you start paying in; the more money will be available to you upon retirement.

The amount you will receive per month entirely depends on how much you’re willing to pay per month, the length of time you’ve been making contributions, the type of pension plan and its investment return. You can also choose to receive a lump sum upon retirement or not.

As of today, the State Contributory Pension is about €240 per week. For most people, during their 20-30 years of retirement, this simply isn’t enough. When you pay into a pension plan, you will receive both the state pension (If available to you) and your Pension Plan.

Tax relief reduces the actual cost of your pension. You do not have to pay tax on money that you put into a personal pension (This falls within the limits set out below). This is calculated at the highest rate of tax you pay (Currently 20% / 40%)

Monthly contribution = €100
Tax Relief (40%) = €40
Cost to you = €60

If you have to retire because of medical reasons and you get Revenue approval, you can receive your benefits from your Pension immediately.

If you unfortunately pass away before you retire, your Pension will be paid to your estate.

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