Switch your Mortgage to a lower rate and save up to €20,000.

Switching can help you save thousands, which could also be used for home improvements, debt consolidation or reduce your mortgage term.

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Shauna Whelan
Shauna Whelan
16:40 23 Mar 23
Dealt with Alan today for our mortgage protection and he was an absolute delight to deal with. 100% recommendation here
Barry McManus
Barry McManus
22:24 20 Mar 23
I definitely recommend 100% Bernie at low quotes!!! I have no words to describe how thankful myself and my wife are for the great work that Bernie gave to us from start to finish, dealing with the banks and solicitors. She was really helpful , patient and capable to advise us about all the details of the process and the best advise regarding mortgages. Her experience in this line of work is exceptional. Thank you so much, Bernie for all your help!!
Vicky Mccarthy
Vicky Mccarthy
12:19 14 Mar 23
John at low Qoutes!!!!! He was absolutely AMAZING! I cannot thank him enough! He got me my mortgage offer so quickly. He was so efficient so professional! He kept me in the loop at all times! He was prepared to discuss my issues at times that suited me (late in the evenings and early mornings too!). He also helped with my solicitor and was able to explain to me in a simpler way of what was required.I am so happy with the service provided. John 10 out of 10. He made my home owner dream come true. John had confidence in me when i didnt.Thank you John Dywer
Ryan Holmes
Ryan Holmes
07:07 07 Mar 23
Just got my mortgage thanks to Bernadine and Tommy top class service and felt looked after the hole way true. Always on the other end of the phone with any issues and kept me in the loop. Can’t thank them enough. Thanks guy and best a look with everything.
Rachel O'Dwyer
Rachel O'Dwyer
11:09 16 Feb 23
As a first time buyer I had no clue when it came to mortgage applications however Bernadine was very patient and I always felt confident I was getting the best advice and offers available. I would highly recommend them for peace of mind that your mortgage is in good hands. Thanks again Bernadine for all your help!
Claire Burke
Claire Burke
19:52 26 Jan 23
Thank you so much to Brendan for his help, support, time and professionalism. A truly outstanding service. I called today in a panic, worried I couldn't drawdown my mortgage. Brendan helped me every step of the way in getting me the products I needed for the bank and less than 7 hours later these files are with the bank. Thanks again Brendan and LowQuotes
Kellie Dunne
Kellie Dunne
10:06 25 Jan 23
I had trouble getting mortgage protection insurance due to a health issue but Helena was absolutely fantastic and a pleasure to deal with and was very supportive throughout the whole process even when I was so stressed. She was always on the other end of the phone. Highly recommend!
Monica Bulaclac
Monica Bulaclac
10:20 03 Jan 23
I only have good words to say about Ms Bernadine Day. She has been extremely exceptional and professional all throughout my mortgage journey. There has been quite a lot of personal difficulties along the way, but she was there to help me and assist in all my needs.I would totally recommend her as mortgage broker. She was not only helpful, she was also very efficient. She is very passionate with what she does and delivers excellent results.I could not recommend her enough!!!
Catherine Bradley
Catherine Bradley
18:06 20 Dec 22
Had a great experience with Alan recently for mortgage protection. He was knowledge, efficieny and a pleasure to deal with. He made the whole process easy.
Jana Platau
Jana Platau
13:56 19 Dec 22
The team were really helpful in both mortgage and insurance matters, would recommend them to anyone!
Coco Glad
Coco Glad
16:39 16 Dec 22
Low Quotes helped me for two things: first regarding the Mortgage Protection Insurance as I got a much better and cheaper package compared to the one offered by my bank, secondly regarding my mortgage application. Bernadine Day my mortgage advisor at Low Quotes was helpful and made the process easier to secure my mortgage approval with a lower rate. She provided me with good advice throughout my application and called me directly when I got my AIP, then my letter of loan offer and finally when the mortgage was drawdown. I started my application later only after I found a property, so it took a bit longer than I anticipated but I am very happy with the outcome and had a good experience. Yes, I would recommend Low quotes.

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Benefits of choosing LowQuotes

Proven Track record of gaining acceptance

Access the lowest rates on the market

2% Mortgage Cashback Offer

Indicative Approval in 72 hours after assessment

Our 3 Step Switching Process

Step 1

Book a switching appointment

Enter some quick details & book your switching appointment with our award-winning advisors.

Step 2
Log In

Log in to your digital application portal & upload your documents. With full guidance from your dedicated Mortgage advisor.

Step 3
Online Approval

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Monthly Mortgage Payment with our lowest rate of 3.4%

Switch Mortgage Provider & Save

It doesn’t matter who your current provider is, or if you want to save money on your repayments or keep your repayments the same to clear your Mortgage early… There has never been a better time to switch to a long term fixed rate. Especially with interest rates continually on the rise.

We are a market-leading online mortgage broker in Ireland and we will always offer expert advice to make the process of switching Mortgage seamless and straightforward. We compare Ireland’s mortgage providers so that you don’t have to. Switch and save today, we’re always only a phone call away.

How to Switch Mortgage

When switching mortgage, we’ve made it easier than ever to get started saving money by switching to a lower interest long term fixed rate.

All you have to do is click ‘Book a switching appointment’, enter some quick details and one of our award-winning Mortgage advisors will get in touch with you on the date & time you specified. After your call you will be sent a link to our state of the art online application portal, which streamlines the mortgage switching process, allowing you to upload your documents and get approval online for your new mortgage.

Alternatively you can call our Mortgage department directly on 057-86-01299.

Switching Consultation

Book a switching appointment online and your Dedicated Mortgage Advisor will call you at a time that suits you best.

Online Application

You will require 6 months of pay-slips and bank statements to switch your Mortgage online.

Online Approval & Saving

Once your lender has approved your loan, your next mortgage repayments will be reduced.

What you require to switch Mortgage

Before Applying

When switching mortgage, before you book your appointment with our mortgage advisors, you will need to know how much is still owed on your existing mortgage and your remaining term. More importantly you will need to find our either

  1. Your current mortgage repayment per month or 
  2. Your current interest rate.

You can easily find this information out from your more recent mortgage statement or by calling your mortgage lender.

Lastly you will need a rough current estimate of the value of your property.

When Applying

After you answer some personal questions in our online application portal, you will be required to upload supporting documents for your switch. You can watch the online application process in our video by clicking here

These are as follows (in no particular order) –

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of your household income
  • Proof of address (dated within the last 3 months)
  • 6 months bank statements, including any loans or credit card statements.
  • Evidence of savings, if applicable
  • Last 3 payslips
  • Current employment status – Proof of permanent, contract, part-time employment

What's next in the Mortgage switch journey?

House Valuation

You will need to have a valuation done on your home, so your new mortgage lender knows how big your mortgage is in comparison to the value of your home (LTV rate). The more equity the better. The fee for this will only be around €150, so don’t sweat it! We can recommend someone when you are looking to switch.


You will need a solicitor (we can help with this also). This is to take care of conveyancing and legal documents. They will go through the loan offer in detail to confirm the rates and terms of the loan offer are exactly what you have agreed to with your new lender. 

Mortgage Protection

Don’t worry – we’ve also got this covered for you! With the highest discounts available in Ireland and price match, price promise in place – we simply can’t be beaten on price. We will always recommend you get this as soon as possible in your mortgage journey, as there are many factors that can prevent you from getting cover.  See how much it will cost here with our online quote comparison

It’s also important to cancel your old Mortgage Protection cover after your new policy is live.

Set up new direct debit

When your mortgage gets approved, you will be asked by your lender to complete a direct debit form, allowing them to collect payment from your bank account.

And that’s it! Happy savings!

Our Online Switching Platform

Watch how seamless and straightforward Switching your mortgage is. After your initial call with us, In under 10 minutes you can complete your switching application. All with guided assistance from your dedicated award-winning Mortgage advisor.

How popular is it to switch mortgage?

Every year we’re seeing more and more people switching to a long term fixed rate, usually for the savings. But most importantly because interest rates are on the rise and even though your repayment might be affordable now, by the time your fixed rate ends (if it already hasn’t).. The rates will be much higher.

In Q1 2022, There was 9,910 drawdowns valuing €2.51 billion. Of which, 1,762 was switchers/re-mortgage (€462 million). 

In Q1 2021 there was 9,091 drawdowns valuing €2.14 billion. Of which, 1,380 was switchers/re-mortgage (€334 million).

This is a QoQ increase of 9.3% in drawdown value and also 9.3% in volume. In comparison the increase YoY in volume is 27.7% and 38.6% in value. This tells us that more and more people are becoming aware of how easy it has become to switch mortgage provider.

mortgage switching 2021 vs 2022

Mortgage Switching FAQ

If the outstanding amount on your mortgage is less than €30,000, Irish lenders are unlikely to allow you to switch.

You must pass an assessment and qualify for your new mortgage, if your financial circumstances have changed, you will be assessed differently than your initial application.

You must have a good credit rating. A credit check will be carried out by the lender you choose to switch to. If you’ve had any difficulties on paying new loans or credit cards, this may make it difficult to switch mortgage.

You cannot be in negative equity. This will be assessed on a case to case basis when switching.

To switch your mortgage to another lender, you don’t need to have a deposit.

With a fixed rate mortgage, your interest rate and monthly repayments are fixed for a set time as agreed between you and the lender.

Variable rates allow you to increase your re-payments, you can also use a lump sum to pay off all or part of your mortgage, or re-mortgage without having to pay any fixed rate breaking fees. However, variable rates can rise and fall meaning your mortgage repayments can go up or down during your Mortgage term.

If you want to switch mortgage and your fixed rate hasn’t ended yet, you may be charged a penalty fee for switching. Some people choose to wait until their fixed term has ended, but the fee that’s charged is usually much less than the possible savings.

With interest rates currently rising, by the time your fixed term ends – you might not get as good of a deal when you want to switch. Overall this makes it more worthwhile to switch now.

This is a percentage figure which represents the difference between your mortgage loan and the value of your property. For example if your mortgage is €100,000 on a property valued at €200,000, your LTV rate would be 50%.

LTI is your Loan to Income rate, generally you are allowed to borrow 3.5x your annual income before tax. Some exceptions may apply.

This is the amount you owe excluding costs and interest. This is also known as the “Principal” of your loan.

This is when you are given an indication of approval from our first discussion with you, without having to see any documentation. This is not guaranteed approval.

The date the mortgage must be repaid in full, or by which a new agreement needs to be taken out.

There is no real ‘best time to switch’. Certain factors can slow down the process with lenders, such as how busy they are (Earlier in the year is usually faster). Also if your mortgage is more than 3.5x your salary, you will need an exemption (Central Bank) – In this case the earlier the better as there’s more excemptions available.

When considering switching Mortgage, December can be a particularly slow month as banks operate on reduced hours due to christmas. This makes January quite busy and can tend to slow things down.

This is a little bit of “how long is a piece of string?”. It depends on many factors such as your application, the lender and their requirements, solicitors. but in general around 6 weeks is an accurate estimate.

Since 2019, the Central bank of Ireland introduced new measures to make mortgage switching easier.

They introduced new measures that lenders have to now follow.

These measures mean that lenders must:

  • Tell you about cheaper mortgage options 60 days before you come out of a fixed rate mortgage
  • Tell you if you can switch to a cheaper mortgage based on how much equity is in your home
  • Clearly explain the pros and cons of any mortgage incentives such as cashback offers
  • Give you a comparison of how much your mortgage costs versus other options offered by your lender if you ask for one
  • Give you all the information you need to switch, including telling you how long it will take
  • Give you a decision within ten business days of receiving a completed mortgage application

Source – Central Bank of Ireland

Want to get started or require more information?

Book an appointment to speak with our Expert Award Winning Mortgage Advisors by clicking Book a switching appointment and simply fill in your details and our award-winning Mortgage team will contact you on the time and date of your choosing, assisting you on your Mortgage switching journey. After your call you will receive a link to our Online Mortgage switching portal, allowing you to upload your documents & get approval online.

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