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Switching Mortgage

It doesn’t matter who your current provider is, If you either want to save money on your repayments or keep your repayments the same and clear your Mortage early… We will always offer expert advice to make the process of switching Mortgage seamless and straight forward. Switch and Save Today, We’re always only a phone call away.

How to get started

As a Mortgage Switcher, We’ve made it easier than ever to get started saving money by switching to a lower rate. All you have to do is click Apply for your Mortgage Online, enter your details and start uploading your documents (An advisor can help you through this process if required) or if you’re unsure of the process, you can Book an appointment to speak with a Mortgage Advisor by clicking Book an appointment and simply fill in your details and our mortgage team will contact you. You can also book a time and date that suits you, alternatively you can call us directly on 057-86-01299.


Start your Online Application or Book an Appointment and your Dedicated Mortgage Advisor will call you with assistance.


You will require 6 months of pay-slips and bank statements to apply for your Mortgage online.

Approval & Saving

Once your lender has approved your loan, you next mortgage repayments will be reduced.

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Watch how seamless and straight-forward Switching your mortgage is. In under 10 minutes you can complete your application. All with guided assistance from your very own dedicated Mortgage advisor.

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Want to get started and Switch Mortgage lender? Need more advice?

Book an appointment to speak with one of our Expert Mortgage Advisors by clicking Book an appointment and simply fill in your details and our Mortgage team will contact you on the time and date you select and assist you with your Mortgage switching query.

Your Mortgage Switcher Questions Answered

If the outstanding amount on your mortgage is less than €30,000, lenders are unlikely to allow you to switch.

You must pass an assessment and qualify for your new mortgage, if your financial circumstances have changed, you will be assessed differently than your initial application.

You must have a good credit rating

You cannot be in negative equity


Before you apply for your Mortgage, you are required to have 10% of the loan value of the property.

For example, If you require a Mortgage of €200,000 – You would require a deposit of €20,000.

With a fixed rate mortgage, your interest rate and monthly repayments are fixed for a set time as agreed between you and the lender.

This is a percentage figure which represents the difference between your mortgage loan and the value of your property. For example if your mortgage is €100,000 on a property valued at €200,000, your LTV rate would be 50%.

LTI is your Loan to Income rate, generally you are allowed to borrow 3.5x your annual income before tax. Some exceptions may apply.

Variable rates allow you to increase your re-payments, you can also use a lump sum to pay off all or part of your mortgage, or re-mortgage without having to pay any fixed rate breaking fees. However, variable rates can rise and fall meaning your mortgage repayments can go up or down during your Mortgage term.

This is the amount you owe excluding costs and interest. This is also known as the “Principal” of your loan.

This is when you are given an indication of approval from our first discussion with you, without having to see any documentation. This is not guaranteed approval.

The date the mortgage must be repaid in full, or by which a new agreement needs to be taken out.

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