Multi Claim Protection Cover

Multi Claim Protection Cover

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Multi Claim Protection Cover

Multi-Claim Protection Cover is a unique, severity-based policy which protects you from a broad range of possible health setbacks that may impact you in your daily life. It offers anyone the ability to claim on the policy issued, paying out multiple times over its length.

Once you have not claimed 100% of your cover, it will still be in place and be available to claim from until the full amount has been reached.

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Best deals for mortgage protection. I recommend "low quotes". Time saver as there wont be any queue/call waiting if you want to talk to them. It is a direct phone which rings and they answer straight away. Talking to Alison was really great to deal with. Money saver compared to other insurance providers.
Uday Bashaboina
Uday Bashaboina
Found Low Quotes very easy to deal with, very informative and communication regarding every aspect excellent especially staff member Michael.
Trisha Fallon
Trisha Fallon
I reached out to in relation to securing mortgage protection. I spoke with one of their financial advisors - Colin Bailey who was incredibly helpful, insightful and transparent. I'm not well versed on these things and he took the time to explain everything in detail and ensure I was comfortable moving forward. Thank you Colin! I'd highly recommend
Jack Coldrick
Jack Coldrick
Very happy with my policy through lowquotes...was dealing with Dylan who was very helpful in every aspect and went up and beyond to help me out and get the best policy possible to suit me...will definitely be recommending family and friends to deal with Dylan.Thanks again for all your help Dylan your a great asset to lowquotes 🙂
norman murray
norman murray
In a generation where trust and loyalty isn’t everyone’s first priority. I have never felt more looked after in regards to insurance advisory and future planning than in the very capable hands of Mr Dylan Cadwell. A 5 star service from the beginning this is a man who is passionate and driven in giving truly a first class service to all his clients and potential clients no matter what the circumstances or obstructions might be. All I can really say is that if you’re not on board now, it’s time to get the ball rolling before it’s too late, Dylan Cadwell is a true professional who won’t let this opportunity get away.
Cameron Elliott
Cameron Elliott
I recently had the pleasure of working with Dylan, my financial advisor, and I couldn’t be more grateful for his expertise and guidance. He helped me set up a health care plan that perfectly suits my needs and those of my two kids. Dylan’s knowledge and professionalism were evident throughout the process, and he patiently answered all my questions. I highly recommend Dylan for anyone seeking financial advice and assistance. Thank you, Dylan, for your outstanding service!
kevin braney
kevin braney
I would like to thank Richard from lowquotes for helping me find mortgage protection, I was very stressed because I was refused already but Richard made everything stress free and as I work office hours it was no trouble for him to arrange a meeting to suit my needs, everything was done efficiently and smoothly and all email communication was quick, thanks for your help Richard it’s really appreciated
Dealt with Dylan Cadwell , incredible attention to detail and customer service. Unbelievably helpful from the get to and made the process so easy. Will definitely be going back and dealing with this company and with Dylan again.
Cian Reddy
Cian Reddy
Had a really great experience with low quotes. Big shout-out to Richard Westman who was extremely professional and helped us through out mortgage protection process very easily. We didn't have to worry about anything. I would recommend low quotes and go through Richard. Really great guy and extremely helpful.
Sheehan Sinha
Sheehan Sinha
Finally got some great help getting insurance, thanks so much with your help guys and Dylan cadwel you were great over the phone
Aaron Sheehan
Aaron Sheehan
Amazing service provided by Dylan Cadwell! Extremely professional and thorough experience throughout the whole process of implementing my cover! An absolute gem and went over and beyond to get me the best cover! I have recommended Low Quotes/ Dylan Cadwell to all my friends and family! Thank you Dylan for all your help!
Leanne Mullen
Leanne Mullen
Dylan Cadwell was very helpful today couldn’t recommend him any more!
Eoghan Farrell
Eoghan Farrell
Dylan Cadwell was very helpful and thorough in helping me find the best level of cover and protection. His advice and knowledge was fantastic and I am very happy I committed to speaking to low quotes !
Dylan provided outstanding financial advice, and the experience of dealing with him was truly enjoyable. Highly recommend his services!
Luke Byrne
Luke Byrne
I contacted today looking for a professional financial advice and it is safe to say that I received just that. Dylan Cadwell has outdone himself and walked me through every little bit of information that was relevant to my situation and made it very simple and easy to understand. I couldn’t recommend LowQuotes and Dylan more to anyone looking for a financial advise. Thank you!
Marcin Lis
Marcin Lis
Great service particularly from my financial advisor Dylan Cadwell. One of the best in the business
Cody McGrath
Cody McGrath
I would just like to thank the team at low quotes for helping me get the perfect policy in place for me and my family, our financial advisor Dylan Cadwell in particular who tailored a policy to suit out individual needs! The service and wealth of knowledge was next to none! I would highly recommend Dylan and low quotes to anyone!
eimear sherwin
eimear sherwin
We dealt with Colin and he was absolutely brilliant. Everything was explained perfectly and quickly and he made the process of getting our mortgage protection so quick and easy.Would 100% reccommend and ask for Colin!
Very nice people to work with. Would recommend
Adam Holland
Adam Holland
Great service from Colin Bailey who patiently covered all the options and answered all my questions, Mortgage protection cover sorted!
Many of my colleagues advised me to take a Life Insurance Policy. LowQuotes Colin Bailey helped me and my partner understand our needs and is very patient with our queries. Highly recommended.
What a great service and well educated staff highly dedicated to meeting my needs most notably Dylan Cadwell's exceptional attention to detail while providing services was truly commendable.His thoroughness and precision not only instilled confidence but also ensured that every aspect of the financial process was handled meticulously. I highly appreciate his commitment to delivering a service marked by keen attention to detail. His knowledge expands over a wide range of areas and I wish you luck in your future endeavours.Thank you
Mark Reynolds
Mark Reynolds
I recently had the pleasure of engaging with Dylan for insurance and mortgage protection services, and their commitment to outstanding customer service exceeded my expectations!When I reached out to inquire about insurance and mortgage protection options, he demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing exceptional customer service with personalized attention, clear communication, and expertise.I confidently recommend Dylan to anyone seeking reliable and customer-focused insurance and mortgage protection services. His dedication to providing exceptional customer service truly sets them apart!
Paulo Sousa
Paulo Sousa
I dealt with a lovely man called Richard. He was very accommodating to suit me and my husband with a call back . He got us a great deal . We are very happy with what he helped us pick .
Richard was so helpful and explain the different policy we could go for. He was very patience with questions and gave get advice. Would definitely recommend him. Everything set up in no time and feel much happier now for the future. Thanks again
Fiona Jessup
Fiona Jessup
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Multi‑Claim Protection Cover is a unique product offered by Royal London

Policy Features

MCPC Example

John is 35 and single with no children. He is a non-smoker.

He takes out a single life Multi-Claim Protection Cover policy to the amount of €80,000. He takes out the policy for a 20 year term.

His premium amounts to €23.68 per month.



When diagnosed with cancer, John is referred for surgery in order to remove the tumor. 10% is paid out as an intermediate surgery is needed.

Multi Claim Protection Cover will therefore pay out 10% of Johns sum , i.e €8,000.

John is left with €72,000 to cover any future health setbacks covered under his policy.

Cover Remaining


A few years prior to this John is diagnosed with testicular cancer. He is referred for radical inguinal orchiectomy at this time. During this time he also is refereed to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

60% is paid out for his needed orchiectomy, radiography and chemotherapy fees equally between procedures.

Multi-Claim Protection Cover will now pay for 60% of John’s cover amounting to €48000.

So, now €56000 of John cover has been paid.

John is left with €24000 cover for any future health setbacks covered under his policy.

Cover Remaining


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Multi Claim Protection Cover Information

Multi Claim Protection Cover(MCPC) is a simple, cost-effective life and illness protection policy. MCPC pay outs are directly linked to the severity of certain health set backs that will cause difficulty in your day to day life.

It offers anyone the ability to claim on the policy issued, paying out multiple times over its length. The amount of protection covered vary from provider to provider, so it is important to speak to one of our advisors before making your choice. 

You can fill out our easy to understand form for a free online quote comparison, or speak to one of our Qualified Financial Advisors who will assist you with getting a quote.

Multi Claim Protection Cover is designed to give full financial support that will strategically align with the severity of a medical emergency or significant health impact on your wellbeing and lifestyle.

For instance some insurance policies will only pay out once for the specific serious illnesses after diagnosis, meaning you cant get that type of insurance again once the cover ends.

With Multi Claim Protection Cover even after a significant health setback has been claimed, as long as you have not claimed 100% of you cover you will still have cover in place for any potential impacts on your health and lifestyle.

Multi-Claim Protection Cover is based on severity of health setbacks that will occur. Serious illnesses such as heart attack and cancer treatment covering all requirements. MCPC covers major incidences , such as long hospital stays and traffic accidents. 

Multi Claim Protection Cover is in line with the consequences of a serious illness or health setbacks. This is how Multi Claim Protection Cover is paid out multiple of times, by keeping up with advancements in medical technologies providing an exclusive cover

There are eight levels of severity that determine how much money will be paid out to make a claim. Based on the impact of the health difficulty and how it affects your lifestyle.


Claims paid more than once – with cover that continues Thankfully there are great strides in medical diagnostics and treatments more efficiently. 

It also means that more people are likely to be diagnosed with and be successfully treated for a serious illness. 

For example, 1 in 2 people in Ireland will develop cancer during their lifetime. Illnesses are easily detected now, meaning any serious illness are having a smaller impact. 

Example of what can you expect to pay for your MCPC: A single , non-smoker aged 39 who wants a sum assured of €100,000 for a 25 year term would pay €45.77 per month. 

Royal London’s Helping Hand gives you one to one Personal Support from Royal London.

This free extra includes:

  • Providing bereavement counsellors, speech therapists, face to face medical opinions, therapies, massages, physiotherapy for serious health issues
  • Cardiac rehabilitation support
  • Support for coping with cancer
  • Family support for the loss of a loved one

Remember you can put Multi Claim Protection Cover in place in addition to your health insurance. Both insurance compliment each otehr. the table outline the main differences between Multi Claim Protection Cover and Health Insurance. 

What does it pay out  for ?

Who does it pay out to ?

Dos it pay out multiple times ?

It pays a guaranteed tax – free percentage of your full cover amount to help with monthly expenses.

Does it provide a financial payout on death? 


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