Public Sector Mortgages

Securing a mortgage is a significant milestone on the journey to homeownership, and for those working in public sector roles, specialised mortgage options are available to ease the process.

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Understanding Public Sector Mortgages

Public sector mortgages are tailored to meet the unique needs of employees working in various governmental organisations, including local councils, public hospitals, schools, and other public service entities. These mortgages are designed to offer favourable terms and conditions to support public sector workers in purchasing their own homes.

Benefits of Public Sector Mortgages in Ireland

Public sector mortgages provide numerous benefits tailored to the unique circumstances and needs of public sector employees, making homeownership more accessible and affordable.

Higher Borrowing Limits

With the inclusion of contractual allowances and the ability to include 100% of overtime pay, public sector employees may qualify for larger mortgage amounts compared to traditional mortgage products. Lenders may offer loans based on projected future income, with some considering your basic pay to be three points higher on the pay scale.

Fast and Easy Process

The entire process of getting a public sector mortgage is often streamlined and efficient.  Mortgage lenders usually have dedicated teams focused on facilitating the application process, allowing borrowers to move into their new homes more quickly and with less hassle. 

Tailored for Public Sector Employees

These mortgages are specifically designed to meet the needs of public sector employees, with features such as flexible repayment terms and eligibility criteria that consider the stable nature of public sector employment.

Gifted Deposits

Public sector mortgage schemes may allow for 100% of the deposit to be gifted, depending on the lender, provided the borrower can demonstrate repayment capacity, making it easier for borrowers to access homeownership with the help of family or friends.

Additional Payments

Depending on the lender, you can make extra payments of up to 20% of your mortgage in a 12-month period without being penalised. This will reduce both the duration of your mortgage and the total interest paid.

Government Support

Public sector mortgage schemes receive support or backing from the government, such as the First Home Scheme and the Help to Buy Scheme.

Extended Age Limits

The maximum age at mortgage expiry is often higher for public sector mortgages, allowing borrowers more time to repay their mortgage. The maximum age at maturity is 70.

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Who qualifies for public sector mortgages?

While eligibility requirements can vary depending on the specific mortgage scheme and lender, typical criteria for public sector mortgages may include:

Eligibility Criteria

  • Employment with a recognised public sector organisation such as teachers, army officers, nurses, doctors, and guards.
  • At least one applicant must be employed in the public sector.
  • First-time buyers, Second-time buyers, and those switching from another lender and possibly releasing equity in their home.
  • Applicants must possess the required authorisation to reside and work in the state

Property Requirements

  • All properties must be located in the Republic of Ireland.
  • Properties must be used as primary residence for applicants.
  • A minimum deposit of 10% of the purchase price is required.
  • A full valuation of each property is necessary.
  • Mandatory requirements include life insurance and home insurance.

Age Limit and Repayment Capacity

  • The minimum age of applicants is 18 years, and the maximum age at maturity is 70 years.
  • Applicants must demonstrate a proven repayment capacity to meet stress test repayments.

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Fantastic service from our broker Bernadine. She made the process of getting a mortgage easy and stress free. We would have struggled by ourselves as our house was not a straight forward buy. Highly recommend
Richard Bulfin
Richard Bulfin
Look no further than I can’t recommend Richie Westman enough. He was incredible while working with us. Even though there was a lot of delay and back and forth from our end, he was extremely patient and accommodating. He made sure we had all the information we needed even if it meant repeating things to us a multiple times.If you’re starting your first time mortgage journey, Richie is the the guy you’d want to talk with. Well done Richie and thanks a ton!
Had an amazing experience with Richie Westman. He was patient, super accommodating, and very clear on his explanation when I had questions. I really appreciate his time and expertise, his help will certainly alleviate the some of the stress involved in securing a mortgage.
Had an outstanding experience with Low Quotes, especially with Alan, while arranging mortgage protection. Alan's professionalism and assistance made the process incredibly smooth. His proactive approach alleviated our stress, as he went the extra mile to stay in touch and ensure we had all necessary documentation to finalize our mortgage. Highly recommend Low Quotes without hesitation.
I cannot speak highly enough of Bernadine Day. Our mortgage journey was not a straightforward one and I can honestly say we wouldn't have gotten through it without Bernadine's help. She pointed us in the direction of the right lender for us and guided us through the process with professionalism and empathy. Her knowledge, expertise and kindness are unparalleled. She was always available by message or by phone to answer any questions we had or to assuage any anxieties we had. She dealt with our lender on our behalf and was always prompt in relaying messages from them and in passing on any requests they had for documentation. Bernadine was so helpful too in explaining the different jargon and terminology we weren't used to. She will always have our gratitude for guiding us through the journey and into our dream home.
Louise Kelleher
Louise Kelleher
There is no other mortgage broker like Bernadine Day. Our mortgage journey was not the most straightforward, and having Bernadine on our side through it all was a blessing. She has vast experience and a can-do attitude ~ she is the reason my partner and I have this mortgage.If you are beginning your mortgage journey, chat to Bernadine. You will be in the best hands possible.10/10, highly recommended.
Kind Jewels
Kind Jewels
Very good company to deal with. we dealt with Seamus who gave us clear easy to understand information and was very reassuring when we had questions or requested clarity on issues. Overall would recommend this company to anyone who is getting a mortgage Protection life cover, or anything they are the best to deal with I won't be changing again. Thanks so much for a fantastic team. 😀😀😀
Angela Doyle
Angela Doyle
Bernadine Day worked tirelessly to remortgage my home. At times it was difficult to navigate due to my complicated housing portfolio but Bernadine`s support and efficiency guided me through the rough waters. She really does go above and beyond to help achieve the best rates for her customers. I are hugely grateful to her. Bernadine`s communication is always clear and concise and no issue is ever too big for her to assist with. Thank you for your help, I will no doubt be back if I purchase again.Date of experience: March 2024
Richie has been very thorough with the details of the mortgage protection that we are hoping to avail. He let us understand how the benefits can impact us in the most simplest terms. Furthermore, he was tactful and patient with every queries we asked. Well done, Richie.Thank you.
Amazing service from Richard Westman!!Highly recommend Richard if you are looking for mortgage protection and other insurance.He is so helpful.Couldn’t recommend him enough 10/10
Highly recommend speaking to Richie if you are looking for mortgage protection. Myself and my wife were delighted with the service from Richie, so efficient and easy to deal with! 10/10
Gary Walsh
Gary Walsh

Your Questions Answered

Basic pay may increase the amount you can borrow

When applying for a mortgage, some lenders may consider your basic pay to be three points higher on the pay scale. 

Consequently, your income evaluation for the application will be higher, potentially resulting in the lender offering a larger loan amount.


If you receive variable income, such as shift allowance or overtime, you can include 100% of it in your mortgage calculation by providing a two-year employment summary.

Probation Period 

When it comes to probationary periods, they will cover current public sector workers who have been promoted or transferred during a 12-month probationary period. On the other hand, the admission of new applicants will be evaluated individually based on their work history.

Contractual Allowances 

You can apply 100% of your contractual allowances, allowing for a larger mortgage if needed.


100% of the deposit can be gifted, provided that there is evidence of repayment capacity.

Maximum Age 

The maximum age at mortgage expiry has been raised to 70 years old. 

Mortgage lenders tend to prefer individuals in secure employment with a substantial income.  Therefore, government employees often meet the job stability requirements set by most lenders. This makes it easier for civil servants to get higher income limits and loan amounts.

Required documents may include proof of identity, proof of income (such as payslips or tax returns), employment verification, bank statements, details of existing debts or financial commitments, and information about the property being purchased.

Public sector mortgages are intended for purchasing properties to be used as primary residences. Using the property for investment purposes may not be allowed under the terms of the mortgage agreement.

This is when you are given an indication of approval from our first discussion with you, without having to see any documentation. This is not guaranteed approval.

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