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Protect your income against illness or injury.


What is Income Protection?

Income Protection provides you with a replacement source of income if you can’t work due to an illness or injury after a certain period of time.

You can take out an income protection policy if you are in full-time work or self-employed and earn a wage.

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Income Protection Information

Frequently asked questions and answers
  • Guaranteed premium option available meaning the cost will never go up, even if you make a claim.
  • Pays up to 75% of your income, allowing you to financially support your loved ones when you are out of work.
  • During your deferred period, Income Protection pays a replacement daily income if you are in a hospital for more than seven days.
  • You can still maintain your Income Protection even if you move job, anywhere in the EU.
  • The cover can be increased every 3 years, by up to 20% of your original cover level, without further medical questions.
  • You are 18-54 years old and in full-time employment or are self-employed.
  • You want to protect some of your income until you are 65 in case you cannot work because of illness or injury.
  • You want a product that pays you a regular income if you cannot work because of an illness or injury, after a certain amount of time (deferred period).
  • You want the option to top up your cover at a later date.
  • You want your cover to continue, no matter how many claims you make.
  • You want to take advantage of potential income tax relief.

    If you are looking for an alternative to Income Protection – Where your family would be protected if you were diagnosed with an illness, Serious Illness Protection is the option for you.

You can submit a claim on your Income protection policy as many times as you require income because you are out of work due to illness or injury, right up to the very end of the policy term.

The deferral periods for Income Protection are 4, 8, 13, 26 and 52 weeks. If you choose a 4 week deferred period, your income protection policy will start to pay out once you have been unable to work for 4 weeks due to injury or illness.

In regards to an Income Protection quote, your job is a deciding factor, as some occupations will not be covered due to the type of work. See below a list of classes and which class you might fall in to.

  • Class 1 – Office type environment for 75% or more of your day.
  • Class 2 – Doctor/Retail/Catering/Waiting Staff/Chef/Medical Practitioner/Salesperson.
  • Class 3 – Education/Nurse/Surgeon/Dentist/Carer/Social Worker/Teacher.

Please note that these are subject to change depending on the Income Protection provider.

If you’re currently 35 years old, there’s a one in six chance you’ll be out of work for 6 months in your career. Would your bills be covered? Could you pay your mortgage or rent for those six months?

It isn’t just illness you need to keep in mind, accidents can happen – in the form of traffic accidents or slipping and putting your back out. You need to have something in place just in case your wages were to stop.

Royal London’s Helping Hand gives you one to one Personal Support from Royal London.

This free extra includes:

  • Providing bereavement counsellors, speech therapists, face to face medical opinions, therapies, massages, physiotherapy for serious health issues
  • Cardiac rehabilitation support
  • Support for coping with cancer
  • Family support for the loss of a loved one

Aviva Best Doctors is a second medical opinion is also available from Aviva for your Income Protection. This free extra includes:

  • A comprehensive professional review of your diagnosis/injury/treatment without you having to leave home.
  • Access to information from highly qualified specialists.
  • A personal Best Doctors Nurse care manager – Who will collate information about your condition to specialists, and inform you of any updates.

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