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What is Mortgage Protection?

Mortgage Protection is a cheaper, decreasing form of Life Insurance, tailored to pay off the outstanding balance of your mortgage in the event of your death during the term of your mortgage. Mortgage Protection runs for the same length as your Mortgage.

Placing the right cover to protect your home is essential, and it is a requirement by your Mortgage lender to have protection in place for your home.

Your premiums will be fixed and frozen for the full term of the policy.

Who can be covered with Mortgage protection?

Single Cover

Only one person is covered under the policy. If this person dies within the term of the policy - The cover amount will be paid to the policy holders estate or lender (Whichever chosen)

Dual Cover

Both people are covered under this policy and is a popular choice as it comes at no extra cost compared to Joint Life Cover. It pays out on the first death and second death.

Joint Cover

Two people are covered under the one policy. But only pays out on one death. For example "Joint Life, First death" will pay out when the first person dies, and nothing when the second person dies.

Mortgage Protection FAQ

Absolutely not. In fact, We recommend you do not take out Mortgage Protection from your lender, as their premium will be much higher than other providers. We will find you the cheapest quote available to you. Showing you a price comparison with all optional extras available to you.

It won’t take long at all with Lowquotes.ie, as you can digitally sign your documents online (With optional guidance over the phone). Meaning once you’ve signed.. we submit your documents with urgency to your chosen Insurance provider and it’ll be through in no time, so you can then provide proof to your lender.

As with Term Life Assurance, the cost is on an individual basis and is based on the following:

  • Amount of cover taken out (normally the mortgage sum affected).
  • Term (fixed for same term as the mortgage).
  • Age.
  • Gender.
  • Smoker / Non-Smoker.
  • General state of health.
Extra Optional Benefits will also add to the cost:
  • If Serious Illness Protection is chosen
  • Rider Benefits in the form of Hospital Cash benefit, Accident Cash benefit, Surgical Cash benefit

Serious Illness Protection can be accelerated to your Mortgage Protection, that in the event of a specified serious illness some or all of the outstanding amount of your mortgage (whichever amount is chosen) can be paid off to release the burden of mortgage repayments while you are recovering.

Call us if you wish to have Serious Illness Cover added to your Mortgage Protection.

It is important to note that mortgage protection does not cover your actual mortgage repayments if you cannot work due to sickness or redundancy. In this instance, you would need ‘mortgage repayment benefit’ available from your lender which can be built into your mortgage repayments.

This is a mortgage where the amount of loan decreases over the term of the policy through the payments of capital and interest on the mortgage loan.

Mortgage Protection is a low cost life cover benefit which decreases each year in line with the decreasing value of your mortgage, with the premiums remaining the same throughout the term of the policy. It is suited to those whose principal concern is to ensure the mortgage is paid off in the event of their death.

Although, Mortgage Protection is cheaper than Level Term Life Cover, individuals with other commitments, and those with a family normally opt for a more substantial form of life cover, where affordability allows it, to cover the financial needs of their family.

With an interest only mortgage, the amount owed to the lender never reduces as only the interest owed is repaid every month, with the capital paid at the end through an endowment policy or secured on another property (ie; holiday or rental home).

If you have an ‘Interest only’ mortgage, a Level Term Life Cover policy should be considered rather than a mortgage protection policy, as this pays a fixed rather than a decreased benefit, ensuring there is always enough cover to clear the mortgage in full, in the event of the death of the policy holder.

To ensure continued financial security in the event you consolidate your loan through a mortgage top up or indeed extend your mortgage term for financial affordability, you will be required to restructure your mortgage protection policy. Your new premium is likely to be higher as you extend your cover over a longer term and because you may be older than when you took out your original cover, all of these factors need to be protected.

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