Why you should use a Mortgage Broker

Working with a mortgage broker can save the borrower time and effort during the application process. Below we outline why you should use a mortgage broker whether you are setting up a new mortgage, switching, moving home or remortgaging

  • We act as your Mortgage & Financial Advisor throughout your Mortgage journey. Our job is simply to get your mortgage approved FAST and at the lowest possible rate using our state of the art fully on-line mortgage application system
  • We compare Mortgages across several lenders & banks on your behalf, we have a very strong relationship with our lenders: Permanent TSB, KBC, EBS, HAVEN, Finance Ireland, ICS (Dilosk) & Avant. Providing you with the most efficient and cost effective method of securing your Mortgage.
  • We have 20+ years’ experience screening Mortgage applications with a strong track record in gaining acceptance for our clients. You will see live status updates on your online portal throughout your entire Mortgage journey
  • With over 330 Google Verified Reviews, by choosing Lowquotes for your Mortgage, you’re in trusted hands.
  • Using us as your Mortgage broker vs a bank could be the difference between being approved or declined for the amount you need to buy your dream home. This is because we compare every Mortgage and more cost-effective options are available to you which allows you to either borrow more, or pay less per month compared to a bank. Some lenders are also more favourable than others in certain circumstances, where factors such as type of employment, overtime or additional income may or may not be considered.
  • It could also mean over paying on the interest of your mortgage repayment and that could equate to:
    €200+ per month * 12 months = €2400+ per annum * 25 years = €60,000+ in total interest overpaid. We simply ensure this will never happen to you.
  • We also take care of your Mortgage insurance. As one of the largest online brokers in Ireland, we will guarantee you the lowest price, with discounts of up to 30%. With the aim of saving you significant amounts of money again on this compulsory policy.
  • We will support you throughout the lifetime of your Mortgage. At the end of your fixed term rate, we will contact you to see if by means of a switcher mortgage; we can save you even more money. 

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In the unfortunate circumstance that a customer contracts COVID-19 and dies, our life policies would pay out in line with our usual claims philosophy.

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