Critical Illness vs. Income Protection: Which is the Best? - LowQuotes

Critical Illness vs. Income Protection: Which is the Best?

The harsh reality is that life can surprise us with unexpected challenges. The impact of events such as an illness or disability that prevent us from working on our financial stability cannot be underestimated. The ugly truth: if you can’t work, you’re in a delicate financial position. When it comes to protecting your income in …

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6 “What ifs” that everybody should think about - LowQuotes

6 “What ifs” that everybody should think about

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could foresee the future and take action before things occur? If we had a heads-up about what’s coming next, we could get ready for potential risks or take advantage of positive outcomes. Unfortunately, time machines are still science fiction, and we must be prepared for challenging situations that may …

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Understanding the Power of Income Protection Insurance - LowQuotes

Understanding the Power of Income Protection Insurance

We often prioritise insurances such as health insurance, car insurance, or home insurance, many people overlook one essential aspect of their financial security: income protection insurance. Income Protection is an insurance policy that works to provide you with a replacement source of income if you can’t work due to an illness, injury, or disability for …

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Aviva care: free health and well-being support - LowQuotes

The Revolutionary Approach of Aviva Care: Free Health & Wellbeing Support

What is Aviva Care? Aviva Care is a health and well-being service provided by Aviva. Aviva Care comes with all new protection policies and it’s free of charge. When you take out Life Insurance, Serious Illness, Mortgage Protection or Income Protection with Aviva, you become eligible to access four great benefits for no extra cost: …

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