What is Aviva Family Care?

Aviva Family Care

Recent Aviva research* has shown that anxiety levels have doubled among the population since the onset of Covid-19, and 40% of the population are feeling stressed. On a positive note.. more and more people now recognise that looking after mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical condition.

When you take out a protection policy with Aviva, you became eligible to access some great benefits for no extra cost and we wanted to remind you of the supports available to you, should you ever need them.

Aviva family care is a counselling and psychotheraphy service provided with every Aviva protection policy free of charge. This service is also completely confidential and offers rapid access to tailored mental health advice.

It can help with workplace stress, or if you are struggling mentally from major life events such as divorce, conflict and bereavement.

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Who is it for?

It’s for anyone that takes out a protection policy from Aviva and is:

  • Struggling to deal with a bereavement.
  • Stressed, Anxious or overwhelmed.
  • Depressed, down or lonely.
  • Need assistance managing the emotional impact of recent life events.
  • Developing coping/behavioural skills.

Aviva gives access to a wide variety of specialist forms of therapy which includes counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy.

It can be accessed by you, your spouse or partner or children up to the age 18 or 23 in full time education.

Who are the psychologists?

The Mental Health service is celivered by Clinical Counselling and Health Psychologists who are registered with the IPS.

What issues do Best Doctors Psychologists usually deal with?

How long is a session?

A session typically lasts for 50 minutes in total, which is also known as a therapeutic hour.

Also available free of charge with Aviva protection policies is Aviva Best Doctors (click to read more). Aviva Best Doctors creates a unique healthcare experience by providing access to the
world’s best medical experts should serious illness strike.

*independently conducted by iReach Insights September 2020

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Protect your income if you were out of work due to an illness or injury & ensure your mortgage, expenses & potential hospital bills get covered. An income protection policy from Aviva includes both Family Care and Best Doctors for free. You can read more about Aviva Best Doctors service here.

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Coronavirus Covid 19 Information

We would like to assure our customers that although this Worldwide Pandemic has struck our Nation hard, we are still here for our new and existing customers. All phone calls and emails will be dealt with accordingly.

In the unfortunate circumstance that a customer contracts COVID-19 and dies, our life policies would pay out in line with our usual claims philosophy.

All Consultations will be held by Phone or Online via Computer/Smart Device to remove face-to-face interactions and keeping in line with social distancing guidelines recommended by the Government.

We at Lowquotes.ie hope you, your family and your loved ones stay safe & healthy in this time.