What is a Multi-Claim Protection Cover?

People insure everything in their lives, from their cars to their homes, their income, and their businesses. But what if something were to happen to you? Would you or your loved ones be able to financially maintain the current cost of living?

Taking out a Multi-claim protection policy with Royal London will grant you that financial protection for you and your loved ones.

Multi-Claim Protection Cover is a unique, severity-based policy that protects you from a broad range of possible health issues that might impact you and your financial well-being. It can potentially payout multiple times, so you can retain some level of cover even after making a claim. For the most severe health events, such as death and terminal illness, the full amount is paid out; lesser amounts are paid out for illnesses having a lesser effect on your health and lifestyle.

Multi-Claim Protection Cover can be added to an existing life insurance policy or purchased as a standalone product. Selecting the correct policy for you ensures peace of mind for your loved ones to maintain their lifestyle if the worst should happen.

What’s the difference between specified serious illness cover and Multi-Claim Protection Cover?

Serious illness and Multi-Claim Protection Cover are both types of insurance policies that offer financial protection in the case of specific medical events. However, there are key differences between the two. 

– Multi Claim Protection Cover tends to be far more flexible in covering a range of illnesses. 

– Less serious illnesses are covered under the policy.

– The previous policy is retainable even after previous health issues

Difference between Serious Illness and Multi-claim protection cover

It’s important to carefully review the terms and conditions, coverage limits, and exclusions of any insurance policy. We at LowQuotes can help you navigate through the specifications of each type of insurance to find the best solution that suits your needs.

Is Multi-Claim Protection a viable choice for people who had their Serious Illness application denied?

Yes, if your Serious Illness application was denied due to a pre-existing condition, such as heart issues, cancer, or diabetes, you can still get Multi-Claim Protection cover with relevant exclusions.

You can read more in our article: Does Critical Illness Cover Heart Attack?

Another option if you have health conditions that prevent you from getting serious illness insurance is Cancer Cover. Cancer Cover is offered by Zurich and is different from traditional serious illness plans because it focuses solely on cancer. It’s important to take into account that 80% of serious illness claims involve cancer.

When a policyholder is diagnosed with cancer according to the policy’s definition, Cancer Cover policies often pay out a lump sum of money that can be used to cover medical bills, maintain the policyholder’s lifestyle, or cover other costs related to the condition. You can read more about it in our article.

How does Multi Claim Protection Cover work?

Example how Multi-Claim Protection cover work - LowQuotes

How does Multi Claim Protection Cover work?Example how Multi-Claim Protection cover work - LowQuotes

How to Claim 

Once notified of a claim, Royal London will send out a claim form. The form is to be completed and returned at your earliest convenience. Reasonable proof of the medical condition should be included. This can be done by a medical examination report. 

Once evidence is sufficient, a tax-free payment is paid anywhere from 5%-100% of your cover, varying on the specified illness. However, one major advantage is that claims can be made until 100% of the cover is used up. 

If you pass away early when a policy is in place or if diagnosed with a terminal illness, the core benefit sum assured is paid. 

If you have any doubt if what type of insurance is better for you, we can help you find the best protection considering your personal situation and needs.

When do I take out a policy?

Making financial plans does not seem to be a priority for people aged 20 or even 30. Taking out a life insurance policy does not cross their minds as they try to figure out their next step in life. 

Premiums for multiclaim protection policies generally increase with age, as the risk of developing critical illnesses typically rises as you get older.

Ensuring your financial stability is always a priority regardless of age. LowQuotes will help you obtain as much information as you need to cover you, for the best price available. Click the button below to get started.

Multi-Claim Insurance – Types of Cover

Single :

Getting a quote by yourself and taking out a single policy.

Joint :

This policy covers both you and your partner and will pay out in the event that one policyholder passes away.

Dual :

Dual cover will continue to pay out after the death of the first policyholder and will continue to pay out after the passing of the second policyholder to the family of the deceased. We recommend this over Joint as it comes free of charge.

Why Should I Have Multi-Claim Protection cover?

Peace of Mind: Not knowing what is around the corner can be daunting. A Multi-Claim Protection policy can help with your mental well-being providing comfort in difficult times.

The Price: The earlier you buy a policy, the less you’ll have to pay. People believe that being young and healthy means that a life insurance policy would not be beneficial to them at a young age, but on the contrary, it’s for exactly this reason that you can save a substantial amount when paying for your policy.

Paying off Debts: In the event of your death, it will ensure that your loved ones have sufficient funds to pay off the loans.

Why you should consider buying Multi-Claim Protection Cover - LowQuotes

Multi-Claim Protection Cover – Additional Benefits

With Multi-Claim Protection cover you have the opportunity to avail yourself of many benefits provided by Royal London.

Hospital Cash Benefit
Payment is made if you are hospitalised for more than 72 hours. The cover can range between €30 – €300.   

Guaranteed Increase Option
A policyholder has the option to increase their coverage without providing evidence of their current health conditions. The provider’s terms & conditions vary, contact LowQuotes to get a better grasp on the benefit.

Funeral Expenses/ Accelerated Payments
Funeral expenses of up to €10,000 are paid. Read more about the terms and conditions explained by Royal London, here.

Monthly Income on Death
In the event of a death, a monthly benefit with a minimum amount of €5,000 is spread over the term of the plan. This benefit must be selected from the outset.

Terminal Illness Benefit
This benefit is paid out to the client if he is diagnosed with a terminal illness during the remaining 12 months of the policy.

Medical 2nd Opinion Helping Hand (Royal London)

Children’s Life Cover – Payments made out of up to €7,000 in the event of the insured child’s death. The maximum age at which a claim can be made is up to 18 years old, or 25 if they are in full-time education.

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Multi Claim Protection Cover

Multi Claim Protection Cover

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Multi Claim Protection Cover

Multi-Claim Protection Cover is a unique, severity-based policy which protects you from a broad range of possible health setbacks that may impact you in your daily life. It offers anyone the ability to claim on the policy issued, paying out multiple times over its length.

Once you have not claimed 100% of your cover, it will still be in place and be available to claim from until the full amount has been reached.

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Multi‑Claim Protection Cover is a unique product offered by Royal London

Policy Features

MCPC Example

John is 35 and single with no children. He is a non-smoker.

He takes out a single life Multi-Claim Protection Cover policy to the amount of €80,000. He takes out the policy for a 20 year term.

His premium amounts to €23.68 per month.



When diagnosed with cancer, John is referred for surgery in order to remove the tumor. 10% is paid out as an intermediate surgery is needed.

Multi Claim Protection Cover will therefore pay out 10% of Johns sum , i.e €8,000.

John is left with €72,000 to cover any future health setbacks covered under his policy.

Cover Remaining


A few years prior to this John is diagnosed with testicular cancer. He is referred for radical inguinal orchiectomy at this time. During this time he also is refereed to chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

60% is paid out for his needed orchiectomy, radiography and chemotherapy fees equally between procedures.

Multi-Claim Protection Cover will now pay for 60% of John’s cover amounting to €48000.

So, now €56000 of John cover has been paid.

John is left with €24000 cover for any future health setbacks covered under his policy.

Cover Remaining


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Multi Claim Protection Cover Information

Multi Claim Protection Cover(MCPC) is a simple, cost-effective life and illness protection policy. MCPC pay outs are directly linked to the severity of certain health set backs that will cause difficulty in your day to day life.

It offers anyone the ability to claim on the policy issued, paying out multiple times over its length. The amount of protection covered vary from provider to provider, so it is important to speak to one of our advisors before making your choice. 

You can fill out our easy to understand form for a free online quote comparison, or speak to one of our Qualified Financial Advisors who will assist you with getting a quote.

Multi Claim Protection Cover is designed to give full financial support that will strategically align with the severity of a medical emergency or significant health impact on your wellbeing and lifestyle.

For instance some insurance policies will only pay out once for the specific serious illnesses after diagnosis, meaning you cant get that type of insurance again once the cover ends.

With Multi Claim Protection Cover even after a significant health setback has been claimed, as long as you have not claimed 100% of you cover you will still have cover in place for any potential impacts on your health and lifestyle.

Multi-Claim Protection Cover is based on severity of health setbacks that will occur. Serious illnesses such as heart attack and cancer treatment covering all requirements. MCPC covers major incidences , such as long hospital stays and traffic accidents. 

Multi Claim Protection Cover is in line with the consequences of a serious illness or health setbacks. This is how Multi Claim Protection Cover is paid out multiple of times, by keeping up with advancements in medical technologies providing an exclusive cover

There are eight levels of severity that determine how much money will be paid out to make a claim. Based on the impact of the health difficulty and how it affects your lifestyle.


Claims paid more than once – with cover that continues Thankfully there are great strides in medical diagnostics and treatments more efficiently. 

It also means that more people are likely to be diagnosed with and be successfully treated for a serious illness. 

For example, 1 in 2 people in Ireland will develop cancer during their lifetime. Illnesses are easily detected now, meaning any serious illness are having a smaller impact. 

Example of what can you expect to pay for your MCPC: A single , non-smoker aged 39 who wants a sum assured of €100,000 for a 25 year term would pay €45.77 per month. 

Royal London’s Helping Hand gives you one to one Personal Support from Royal London.

This free extra includes:

  • Providing bereavement counsellors, speech therapists, face to face medical opinions, therapies, massages, physiotherapy for serious health issues
  • Cardiac rehabilitation support
  • Support for coping with cancer
  • Family support for the loss of a loved one

Remember you can put Multi Claim Protection Cover in place in addition to your health insurance. Both insurance compliment each otehr. the table outline the main differences between Multi Claim Protection Cover and Health Insurance. 

What does it pay out  for ?

Who does it pay out to ?

Dos it pay out multiple times ?

It pays a guaranteed tax – free percentage of your full cover amount to help with monthly expenses.

Does it provide a financial payout on death? 




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